BODEGA LOS BERRAZALES, Artisan wines between coffee and Canary oranges...

Guided tour to the coffee and tropical fruits plantation and wine celler



Bodega Los Berrazales is located at the foot of the cliffs of Tamadaba and under hundreds of canarian pine forests. Located in La Laja Farm, famed for its oranges, coffee and its wines. A farm more than 200 years old.

Blacklist strains planted and cultivated artistically by the Lugo-Jorge family, with the aim of recovering the agricultural and wine tradition of the area, culminate in a singular product. The care and affection placed in its elaboration produce a red and white wines, impregnated of the smells and flavors of the Valley. The situation of the vineyards almost at sea level, but in the hollow that forms the Agaete Valley, protects them from the salinity of the sea breeze.

In their short history, Bodegas Los Berrazales have already achieved important awards in the Canary Islands. Its semi-white white wine obtained in 2011 the Gold Medal of Agrocanarias. The sweet wine won in 2010 the First Prize and in 2009 the Third Prize of the Cata Insular de Gran Canaria. Highlight that its white semi-dry wine obtained a rating of 89 out of 100 in the prestigious Guía Peńín 2010. At Bodega Los Berrazales we offer red, dry and semi-dry wines.

Bodega Los Berrazales offers the opportunity to know about its winemaking work. Every day, from Monday to Friday, receives visits with ample time, and Saturdays by appointment. In the guided tour, the process of winemaking is known, as well as orange and coffee plantations in La Laja farm. You can buy wine from the house, which comes bottled with a design by the Canary artist Pepe Dámaso, wanting to reflect in his design the unrepeatable full moon nights and their extraordinary starry skies, as well as the shadow of the near risks projected in the estate.

The excellent treatment and meticulousness put in its elaboration produce a red wine aromatized, impregnated of the odors and flavors of the Valley. Tradition and modernity merge and co-found in a broth that when evoked evokes the environment, its special light, its dry wind, and the rain that falls by the anejos risks.